Den Holm

Steven Clark is a Melbourne based stonemason and artist whose unique work has been gaining significant popularity in recent years. Under the name Den Holm - derived from a small town in Scotland in which he grew up - Steve’s sculptural creations are a combination of furniture and art. The influence of Steve’s education in fashion and textile embroidery, combined with his previous work as a bricklayer and stonemason, are apparent in his continued focus on texture and form through his signature medium, Australian limestone. A man with seemingly boundless energy and a thirst for challenge, Steve’s sculptures embody an experimental freedom with a seemingly effortless final result, despite the obvious labour required to create them. While planters, benches, and tables are a core offering for Den Holm, we’d happily bet that Steve would take on any task thrown at him, and would do so with enthusiasm.

We paid a visit to his Reservoir studio, where each piece is made by hand. Photos by Luke Garrett.

Special thanks to Steve, George, and the team at Den Holm for having us.