Charlotte Alldis

Charlotte Alldis is a Melbourne based painter whose playful, dreamlike paintings have captured the attention of the Australian arts scene. Charlotte has been developing her craft for the best part of 4 years, amassing an impressive 7 shows over her young career, with her first solo show last November a sell out success. From her Brunswick studio, Charlotte creates vivid paintings which are free flowing and intuitive. For Charlotte, art is about breaking down the walls of what people believe they should do and be. These photos represent what Charlotte truly looks like when she’s in the studio; naturally shy but comfortable sitting and talking with people whilst she paints.

As she puts it, “this is exactly what people see when they sit and talk with me in my studio… lots of soft, quiet thinking moments lost in the colours”.

Photography by Ajay Jennings.

Stan Ray Features Charlotte Alldis wearing Hickory Painters
Stan Ray Charlotte Alldis  Hickory Painters
Charlotte in her Studio wearing Hickory Painter Pants
Charlotte Aldis for Stan Ray
Stan Ray Hickory Painter Pant
Charlotte Alldis in her studio
Charlotte in her studio
Stan Ray features Charlotte Alldis in her studio
Stan Ray features Charlotte Alldis in her studio

Thank you to Charlotte & Ajay for allowing us into your studio.


Charlotte wears the OG Painter Pant in Hickory Stripe.

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